Boy, it’s been a long haul……. And yet the pandemic is not actually behind us. Recently there was a new variant of the virus that is spiking in a few places within the USA. We will have to continue with our monitoring and balancing act in weighing advantages/disadvantages for the benefit of our guests, of our employees and of our property owners. Therefore, the below listed revisions to our previous protocols, should be deemed as logical steps towards normalcy (if it will ever exist as it was, or not) and subject to change as new pertinent information becomes available.

Before going into the revised protocols, I wish to express how truly thankful I am to all of you for doing such a stellar job in managing this unfortunate dilemma that was caused by the virus. All of you have been GREAT! I personally, and professionally thank you for your understanding and patience. I also ask that you continue to care about the severity and potential adverse effects of Covid-19 and the responsibility we have to one another’s health and well-being. We started together and we will see it through together. Best wishes with hope that you, your families and friends stay healthy in the months ahead.

As of today, I met with the Hospitality management team and here are the revisions:

All Departments

Given the fact that the CDC, State of Florida and most major employers have relaxed their recommendations with the CDC actually releasing national guidance suspending the facial mask mandate. Palm Island Resort will make masks optional rather than required going forward for all employees, guests and owners. This is for all departments of the resort. Those that are not fully vaccinated are encouraged to continue to wear masks, and are recommended to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Employees who do not feel comfortable going “maskfree” should continue to wear a face covering, and we will have masks available for immediate discretion. Please be respectful of everyone’s choice during this time. Door signs will be updated accordingly.

We will continue to have hand sanitizer stations available at all existing locations.

Should any of our staff be asked by a guest or property owner to wear a facial mask during the in-person servicing process, we will ask you to be respectful of others and to comply with their request.

Homecare/Guest Services

The 24-hour cleaning holds on all rental villas upon guest check-outs, will also be suspended. The Escapia system will maintain the holds placed on existing reservations, but will not be applied to “new” reservations.

Effective November 1st, 2021, Guest Services will manually remove the holds so that we can continue to build occupancy at the commencement of the new season. Therefore, we will maintain the holds for July/August/September/October and re-evaluate our staffing and strategy on a frequent basis.


Continue Sanitizing rooms and monitor cost of sanitizer to re-evaluate in near future

Rum Bay/ Leverocks

Continue to sanitize tables and chairs between guests

Rum Bay Store/ Coconuts

Guest count limitation of occupancy within the retail stores will be eliminated, and the exterior signs should be

adjusted accordingly

Thank You.