Fishing & Boating – Island Style

Being On the Water is Just as Fun as Being In the Water

Shore Fishing & Surf Fishing

Stump Pass on the northern shores of the Resort is frequented by many for its fishing, whether from the shores or in the surf, while several dock locations provide opportunities for wishing to cast the bays and coves off the Intracoastal Waterway. Should you wish to be more adventurous, please contact our Activities Coordinator to make arrangements for your fishing trip. Charters are provided by Captain Mike Slattery with Palm Island Outfitters in Charlotte Harbor, Boca Grande and Lemon Bay.                                      

Shore & Dock Fishing

Some of the best fishing can be done from our soft-sand beaches or from any of the resort docks. Our recreational rental center located outside of Coconut’s Café has fishing equipment for purchase.

Light Tackle Fishing

Light tackle fishing is really for the fishing enthusiast with an absence of fighting chairs on the boats, no full harnesses, nobody “gunning the engine” in order to set the hook, and no tuna towers. The boats are usually single story with not a skyscraper in sight.

Obviously you don’t use the same tackle for all styles of fishing. What light tackle fishing offers is tackle balanced to the fish that you’re likely to hook. Thus you might use 10 lb leader when fishing for Yellowtails whereas we’d have 50 lb leader for Tarpon. Without a doubt, light tackle fishing is one of the most exciting styles of fishing. Make your appointment to have one of our preferred charter captains guide you through the use of the right tackle and get you to the right waters.

Boating on the Intracoastal Waterway

Explore or relax, you are the captain. For off-island Boat rental and Jet Ski rental information please contact our Activities Coordinator.

Recreational Watercraft Rentals

This includes both kayaks and paddleboards from our recreational rental center or by contacting our Activities Coordinator to make arrangements for wave runners and jet skis. Both provide you the best opportunity to explore up close some of the eco-systems of Florida’s mangroves, as well as remote beaches accessible only from the water in several of our local and state parks such as Don Pedro Island State Park.

Southwest Florida Boat Tours

Boat Tours can be arranged through our activities department and provide something for everyone. Maybe you wish to have an educational trip from a naturalist point of view providing you the best opportunity to learn about Southwest Florida’s ecosystem within the barrier and coastal islands. If you love sunsets, then capture the radiant streams of color off and above the horizon of the Gulf of Mexico. Our weather patterns and absence of big city lights provide a blank canvas that may very well be painted differently each evening. Enjoy a Sunset cruise, experience the enchantment of dolphins playing in the waters or the wonders of the Manatees in the mangroves and many more of our hidden wildlife splendors.

Fly Fish Florida!

We saved fly fishing last to give some insight and useful information as it can be enjoyed by any avid fisherman, whether wading in the surf, angling adjacent to the mangroves, casting from inside a boat or from atop a kayak. Guided and unguided opportunities abound. Palm Island Resort is within minutes of the area’s most complete saltwater fly fishing and light tackle outfitter. Located in the heart of Boca Grande, Florida, is an outfitter and retail store which has been the local meeting place for the fly fishing community, since 1997.

Below is our Fly Fishing “Seasonal” Fishing Report – we thought this may entice
you to wet a fly while vacationing at Palm Island Resort.

December, January, February may have cold fronts but they can also be your friend because the Northerly winds bring very low water. This sets up a great situation for tailing redfish and super shallow laid up snook. This time of year you may wish to focus on deep backcountry fishing, concentrating on creek areas for redfish and snook. There is also the possibility of some backcountry laid up tarpon if the weather cooperates.

March & April is prime snook time. Water temps are rising and the snook get fired up eating baits. This is the best time to sight cast to snook in very shallow waters. The redfish are also very active, and some great opportunities to catch cobia on flies. Early spring also means laid up tarpon when the weather and water temps cooperate.

May & June is when Tarpon are everywhere. Late April, and early May bring the first waves of the annual tarpon migration. This is peak tarpon season. Our waters have tarpon which average eighty-five to ninety-five pounds.

July, August, & September starts off with July as a great month because everyone thinks tarpon season is over; however there are still some great opportunities during the late summer months. Redfish are starting to school up and snook are cruising the beaches. By August and September, the redfishing is in full swing. There are large, hungry schools roaming the flats.

October & November is when the schools of Redfish begin to break up, but the tailing action really starts to be active. The snook fishing is also very productive. There can also be some resident laid up tarpon.