Navigating Through New Executive Order
#2020-112 Phase One; Florida Recovery
To Our Property Owners & Staff
I continue to thank all of you that have supported our goals in providing a safe community that will be positioned to return to what we have historically known as being “normal” for so many over the last 37 years in being something special for those lifelong memories. It has been and continues to be all of our behavior, as well as our participation, in the value we place on the spirit of understanding for the better good of our community. It will take additional patience while we abide by limitations, restrictions, and regulations imposed on us in this unique time. Our world has been turned upside down by COVID-19, but let us all collectively commit in Palm Island returning to its normalcy by respecting the Governors plan of SAFE, SMART & STEP-by-STEP. In the meantime, it may take more patience and understanding than before due to anxiety and the impatience to rush back into our past normal lives. 
It is important for each of you to know that the current plan of action is subject to change without notice. We are committed to keep you informed at the earliest possible time.
Thank you in advance for your participation in the procedural changes.
General to All Departments
  • We continue to encouraged anyone wishing to speak to our supervisory and management staff, to make appointments in advance.
  • We continue to discourage anyone from from conversing socially with our employees while they perform their job duties in our effort to keep our employees healthy through minimizing non work related contact with other persons.
  • We will continue to service property owners and/or associations that have a service agreement in place to the best of our ability. Subject to change at any time.
  • We continue to screen our employees on a daily basis and encourage them to practice the health and sanitary requirement to limit the spread of the virus
  • We will continue to encourage our management to work from home when practical and possible.
  • As of Monday, May 4th, employees will be encouraged to wear gloves and facial masks with this becoming mandatory once we are able to open up to the public again. It is unknown if this will be mandatory for what length of time and may change without notice using the best factual information as it is conveyed.
  • During the week of May 4th, our purveyor expects delivery of our back-ordered hand sanitizer stands. We will place them inside the entrance to each of our operating departments as soon as they arrive
Guest Services/Front Desk
  • We are not able to have any “new” rental guests at this time, and for an unknown length of time. Owners participating in the Rental Program may continue to extend use of their unit to family and friends.
  • Our best guess, is that vacation rental restrictions may be lifted on or before Monday, May 18th and furthermore we suspect that the Governor may believe that the Memorial Day weekend is critical to the economic recovery of Florida. We do not know for sure, but will keep you informed.
  • Front Desk will be continue to be staffed from 8 am to 6 pm daily
  • Bell Services will be scheduled upon demand. This continues to be a challenge without rental guests arriving and departing. It is also a challenge as we only know of 50 owners/family that are in residence while there continues to be over 100 cars in the parking lot.
  • Resort Patrol will continue to fulfill the function of assisting with owner arrivals and departures when Bell Services is not scheduled. We still need your cooperation of calling the front office, well in advance, for your requested pick-up time to be properly logged and communicated to Resort Patrol.
Home Care
  • Staff scheduling to remain to be based on demand.
  • At present, one additional staff to be brought back to work on the week of May 4th
  • Additional cleaning of restrooms, Beach Villa pool restrooms and PINPOA pool restrooms have been arranged for.
  • Turtle Season started May 1st, and the beach lounge chairs will be placed in their corrals every night around the dinner hour to ensure turtles don’t get disorientated by them being on the beach. PLEASE HELP by returning your beach lounge chair to the corrals after your use and upon leaving the beach. PLEASE NOTE that the beach lounge chairs are not being disinfected and you are encouraged to wipe down the lounge chairs upon using them.
Gift Store
  • Will remain closed until further notice
  • If possible Coconuts will continue to service you with Gift Store requests
  • Your patronage as we brought in some different products for your enjoyment has been appreciated, so very much. Thank you.
  • The present variety of inventory will not be maintained but will be reviewed as we learn more in regard to the anticipated length of time for Phase I of Florida’s recovery
  • The pick-up and drop-off of golf cart rentals will remain at the Front Office until further notice
  • Hours of operation continues to be 12 Noon to 5 pm daily
  • Ice Cream cones and sundaes will be available commencing Monday, May 11th yet pints/quarts of hand-packed Edy’s ice cream will continue to be available for the week of May 4th at discounted prices
  • As of May 4th, all patrons are welcome to use the patio seating for the consumption of food and beverage obtained through either Coconuts or Rum Bay. The distancing between tables must be 6 feet or more, and the maximum number of people per table is limited to six (6)
Rum Bay Restaurant
  • Open daily from 12 Noon to 8:00 pm
  • Take-out & Delivery only: Food and liquor/beer/wine
  • As of May 4th, patrons are welcome to sit inside the restaurant or out on the deck while enjoying a beverage while their take-out food order is being prepared.
  • Some restaurant staff will be busy in the week of May 4th making preparation for an intended opening of indoor food service tentatively scheduled for the week of May 11th. We will keep you posted. Scheduling of staff will continue to be based on demand.
  • Inside and outside deck seating is limited to 25% capacity.
  • Rum Bay now asked you to use the restaurant door next to the gift shop and an ENTRANCE ONLY door and use the door going out onto the deck from the dining area of Rum Bay as an EXIT ONLY door.
  • The Rum Bay Bar is closed to seating. It is only a “Service Bar” for table service AND take-out ordering and take-out pick up aisles denoted visually with tape and signage. PLEASE read the signage as its a little like when you go to the grocery where aisles are one-way and 6 foot distancing at the cashier is enforced.
  • Upon opening for inside food service, paper throw-away menus will be used.
  • Upon opening for inside food service, condiment caddies will be brought to the tables once seated.
  • Extra sanitizing and disinfecting of tables/chairs will be performed before the table is seated with the next patrons
  • Continue to check for evening specials like Wednesday’s 2 for1 appetizers. Presently considering a pizza night, maybe a rib night, hamburger night, etc.
Water Taxi
  • Service continues to be suspended with expectations to start up again on Monday, May 18th. We will keep you posted.
Leverocks Restaurant
  • Will continue to be closed/suspended until further notice
  • Sunday church service is estimated to restart at the clubhouse on Memorial weekend if not sooner. Check with Debbie as it is subject to change. Social distancing and disinfecting will be maintained.
  • Limit all fitness activities to 8 people, only and 6 feet apart
  • Scavenger Hunts and Nature Walks are suspended with hopes to have them available in time for the Memorial weekend
  • Tennis activities are limited to Pickleball and Clinics
  • Private lessons are encouraged
  • Saturday’s round robins are suspended
Sales & Marketing
  • No updates at this time
Palm Island Properties
  • No updates at this time
Association Management
  • PINPOA has re-opened its pool, with restrictions. They have corresponded to their members and have encouraged their membership to conform to the posted restrictions as set forth within their correspondence.
  • Association will continue to use video conferencing for all association meetings
 Maintenance Department
  • No updates at this time
Landscaping Department
  • No updates at this time
Resort Patrol
  • Mid Island staffing to perform roving function throughout the resort instead of being positioned stationary at mid island. This will continue but monitored frequently subject to change without notice
  • Resort Patrol to help assist owners and their families/friends with bell services when a bell staff member is not scheduled. This is subject to change, should the Resort Patrol be called into an emergency situation.
Transit Department
No changes at this time.
If you made it this far down the page…..I really do need to thank you for your patience now, more than ever.

Sincerely & With Prayers Thinking of You and Your Family,

Rick Brunette

Vice President & General Manager

On Behalf of Palm Island Resort

And Our Affiliated Companies