Green Activities

A Recognized Steward of Our Natural Environment

Palm Island Resort, with its private beach, has a long-lasting commitment to preserving the natural environment, marine life, and wildlife of Florida. Visitors have the opportunity from May to October to participate in sea turtle awareness walks as hatchlings appear along our beaches. Manatee and dolphins may also be seen, along with native birds such as bald eagles, herons, osprey and pelicans. During the winter months shorebirds such as black skimmers and least terns call the Resort, home.

Palm Island Resort’s Naturalist conducts informative nature programs on the island for resort guests and residents including topics such as Manatee Awareness, Shore Birds, Sea Turtles and more.

No visit would be complete to Palm Island Resort without reserving some time spent with our naturalist.

Should you wish to explore nearby wildlife trails, parks or areas for bird watching, please contact our Activities Coordinator for information.

Bobcat in its natural surroundings on a private island oasis.

Sea Turtle Nesting Season on Our Private Beach

Turtle in its natural habitat on a private island oasis

From May 1st to October 31st, we’re guardians of sea turtles, a cornerstone of Florida’s coastal ecology. Help us protect these creatures during their nesting period on our private beach.

  • Embrace the natural darkness: Draw your drapes at sunset and avoid beachfront lighting. Hatchlings use the moon’s glow to find the ocean, and artificial lights can mislead them.
  • Maintain a clear beach: After enjoying the beach, please stow chairs and umbrellas. These items can entangle turtles, risking their lives.
  • Observe with care: If hatchlings emerge, watch silently from a distance. Disturbances can disorient them, so avoid interaction. Should they stray towards light, inform our team at (941)270-2961.
  • Safeguard found hatchlings: Daytime hatchling finds should be placed in a sand-filled container and brought to the Reception Desk—not into water.

    Your participation is vital in safeguarding the sea turtle population. Thank you for your support in these conservation efforts.