Just for Kids

Palm Island Resort; A Place For Families

Tall waters, low tides, hurricanes and island breezes have marooned a living legend on Palm Island. Come meet a real Pirate — Red Beard the Pirate.  The legacy continues as grown up adults return with memories of childhood when they first visited Palm Island with their own parents and met Red Beard for the very first time.  Guests of all ages continue to flock to Red Beard’s performances as well as swashbuckling craft classes.  Never-ending entertainment is enlivened by stories and songs, laughter and adventure.  Children love his captivating imagination and  Red Beard’s amazing story-time hours.

Beach castles… bicycle rides… nature cruises… beginner’s tennis clinics… arts & crafts… scavenger hunts and more.  Palm Island Resort has an activity staff just as active in planning new programs as they spend time participating in their own creative energy.

Many of our family programs are centered and focused on education.  Palm Island Resort has its own Naturalist who has provided years of knowledge to exploring minds as it relates to the understanding of our flora and fauna.

Holidays are always special times in the year, and the Resort seems to be frequented annually by those guiding a sleigh through the skies, or a big happy and floppy-eared rabbit….and just maybe, a pilgrim or two. Enjoy our Special Place.

kids with pirate