Just for Two

Palm Island Resort, A Place for Romance

Whether it is a special occasion, a celebration or a simple recognition of the most important person in your life, Palm Island Resort provides a perfect setting to say “I love you”. In today’s world, opportunities pass us by and we miss taking the time for simple walks, listening to one another, holding hands and capturing a peaceful sunset. Palm Island Resort will instill a desire for such simple pleasures and offers nothing but opportunities to share the most important thing in everyone’s lives……time. We just don’t seem to have enough time in the daily hustle and bustle. Discover how Palm Island Resort can rejuvenate your priorities.

Palm Island Resort will provide the ideal setting for romance or a simple expression of love to family.  Whether you choose the solitude and privacy just for the two of you, or to share your occasion with family and friends, Palm Island Resort can ensure that a memory is created.

Over the last 30 years, many have stood on our beaches to share their vows which commence a life together. Others choose to restate their own commitment to one another, either privately or publicly. Palm Island Resort has a full service and experienced event staff that can attend to all your needs.

Sunset Beach Wedding on Exclusive Island