Welcome to our Palm Island Resort spotlight where we are highlighting our first three employees of 2023!  We celebrate these exceptional individuals who have gone above and beyond in their respective roles. Each month, we have the pleasure of recognizing and celebrating our outstanding Beach Resort Employee of the month! 


January – Meet Jerri Betts, Administrative Assistant

Jerri is from Indiana and has been with the resort for 5 years, with a 9 month break in between.  She helps everyone in the office and is a huge asset to all of us.


February – Meet Sean Lamay, Homecare

Sean has been with the resort for a year helping out all over the resort and departments; custodial, housekeeping, and house set-up. He is everywhere and likes to keep busy.

March – Meet Todd Green, Homecare

Todd is the guy that gets it done, he is the delivery man to the owners and is an extended form of communication between the Resort and the Mainland.  Todd has been with the resort for a year and a half.